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Why Would You Write About NOTHING?

20 February, 2009

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I didn’t say, “write nothing,” I asked why “write about nothing.” When the main goal of a blog or website becomes traffic and hits you can really miss the point of putting actual substantial content on the page. Yeah, you can doctor your page with keywords, do a link-building campaign and you can drive massive […]

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Landing Page Study – Why Frank Kern Doesn’t Need Page Copy

14 February, 2009


When you think of landing page, as a web copywriter, you typically think of carefully written and tested conversion copy on an equally carefully designed webpage that also includes images/graphics, testimonials and opt-ins or offers. But here’s a unique landing page and why it works so well: This guy–Frank Kern– can get away with this […]

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Google Studies Eyetracking in SERPS – What’s Important to Know

11 February, 2009


Over at the Official Google Blog engineers have posted the results of their most recent eye tracking study as it pertains to the way in which users view the search results, or SERPS. A couple of interesting things: * First, as if in total opposition to some credo a recent affiliate marketer proposed–(he claims videos […]

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How Can a Web Copywriter Offer “Expert” Services?

3 February, 2009


First, “expert” is a grossly overused descriptor in today’s online market. Sorry, but maybe you can be considered an expert by some, but others may think you’re lousy and that’s all OK….because everyone has their “thing.” But I suspect many so-called experts are only by way of viral puffed up advertising as opposed to any […]

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