How Can a Web Copywriter Offer “Expert” Services?

First, “expert” is a grossly overused descriptor in today’s online market. Sorry, but maybe you can be considered an expert by some, but others may think you’re lousy and that’s all OK….because everyone has their “thing.” But I suspect many so-called experts are only by way of viral puffed up advertising as opposed to any real longterm and exceptional track record.

I’m continually amazed at the number of web copywriters that promote themselves for every web copy format in existence. For example:

“Expert web copywriter delivers all your copy needs: newsletters, direct mail, seo keyword optimized, press releases…” etc, etc and you get the picture.

How exactly does one person do that? For that matter how does a large organization do that?

I have been on this mental thread of niches and in the Internet marketing world the business of carving out your own niche means mining deep into oftentimes untapped cash-rich veins.

From Wikipedia: “Niche market, a focused, targetable portion (subset) of a market sector.”

Matt Cutts gives an excellent case for just making your own niche.

See I argue the “expertness” of most people. I don’t believe it’s possible to be an expert at an array of things. In web copywriting being an expert at just ebooks or newsletters would be enough–it would take serious career ambition, motivation and commitment to REALLY prove yourself an expert, as opposed to “expert” by way of viral advertising–which is the kind of expert most of us come most commonly in contact with.



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2 Comments on “How Can a Web Copywriter Offer “Expert” Services?”

  1. Olaide Says:

    Excellent article/post. I’m always amused to hear people rattle off 4 or 5 areas of specialty.


  2. On the Money Says:

    Liked this post. I tout myself as an expert on money matters – not all of them – and can justify this because of the money-related area of law I worked in very successfully for over 12 years …. I’m also a pretty good writer on money stuff and an excellent musician. However, there’s lots of things I’m definitely hopeless at … modesty being one of them (lol).


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