Why Would You Write About NOTHING?

I didn’t say, “write nothing,” I asked why “write about nothing.”

web copy that says nothing

When the main goal of a blog or website becomes traffic and hits you can really miss the point of putting actual substantial

content on the page. Yeah, you can doctor your page with keywords, do a link-building campaign and you can drive massive traffic to your page on, say “how to write a landing page.” AND you could get it ranked fairly high in the SERPS. Funny though that many such blogs and sites that sound like they deliver something you can sink your teeth into, only leave you scratching your head. I saw a blog post on landing pages recently that in a nutshell said this: ” we see clients everyday that miss making a sale on a landing page because it wasn’t written correctly, to convert visitors into customers….When you really work at creating a landing page you can increase your business revenue…”

Wow. That is some really ESSENTIAL information nuggets there.  LMAO. (You guessed it: In between those two totally beige, totally bland sentences of copy was sandwiched absolutely nothing of substance, either.)

Now I’m not including the link to this informational motherlode because I don’t believe in publicly dissing someone else’s business. But it pissed me off.

And these are “experts” in the business, supposedly.

In my book, this type of content fails miserably on so many levels, but congrats for wasting my time, bucko. Why would you write such drivel about NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH?

First, if you really think your clients that stupid, then you deserve those you get. Second, you’ve missed the distinct opportunity to set yourself apart as an authority to potential clients with a brain AND to web copywriters seeking a bit of mentorship and some tips/tricks (big fish they can school with….).

Good job gaming Search, but please stop wasting your time and mine.


Here’s my landing page juice:

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One Comment on “Why Would You Write About NOTHING?”

  1. On the Money Says:

    Googling “nihilism” right now …


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