Missed Message

18 January, 2015


Starry starry night…Princess Cruises partners with Discovery to offer star gazing cruises. I have seen the TV spot a few times now. It’s a unique idea and the spot closes with a dad gazing happily at the night sky with his young son at his side. In a voiceover that’s supposed to be his recorded voicemail unavailable message—he thanks callers, says he’s currently unavailable but will return their call as soon as he can and he thanks them for their patience in this very busy time. I don’t really understand the “very busy time” message and I actually think that this call to action could be more compelling. Because other than the novelty I also think somewhere in the back of my head that I can “star gaze” in my own backyard or at the local community park–do I really need to bring the whole family on a cruise for that?

Here’s the more compelling aspect of this: True natural darkness is a thing of the past. The remote places on the planet where one can actually experience true dark are becoming extinct—as well as difficult to access. Already anywhere east of the Mississippi is devoid of true dark! So the message here that’s more compelling is that you have a limited amount of time to experience true dark and stars like you’ve never seen before and may never again. For an affordable price!

The sea–one of the last remaining places you can experience true darkness in a world awash in artificial light. Look up a the night sky and see stars like you’ve never seen them before.





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