Where’s the Unique Value Proposition?

18 November, 2014


gold cube among silver spheres_unique conceptI had two auto insurance companies send me direct mail pieces in the mail and it just so happened that I received them on the same day. Both use the “you can save more money with us” headline and pitch. Side by side, they looked, sounded, and smelled no different from one another. Nothing specific, no unique data points, no compelling differences that might make me feel as though one “spoke” to me more deeply than another.  Where’s the beef?!

A unique value proposition (UVP) is designed to help a business carve out a unique piece of real estate in the marketplace. When a UVP looks, sounds, and smells like everyone else’s in your marketplace, it turns to mush–for everyone.

Refocus — when all the marketing copywriters around you are embracing the same old “value” statement (and legal eagles are forbidding the truly compelling stuff!) it’s time to dig deeper, think more creatively, and refocus the lens. Maybe a car insurance company will come along that doesn’t rely on this limp and vacuous message of “save more with us!” and instead invests some sweat equity in discovering something even more valuable inherent in their services or products that speaks more deeply to frustrated and disgruntled customers.

What singular thing about this product or service (this car insurance company, for example) stands apart from others? What about the experience, additional or bundled services, guarantee, or other can be massaged?



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