What You Can Do With Video Transcripts

31 May, 2014


a big idea (lightbulb) is balanced by many smaller ideas (lightbulbs)In my previous post, I argued that making your web content as conveniently accessible to all users as possible offers a VALUE benefit to your business or website. And I used Agora Financial as an example of a best practice model worth following–they regularly format their direct response newsletters as video presentations, but offer visitors an option to read the transcript or make a phone call to discuss the content.

But there’s an even bigger argument for video transcripts than access to content based on customer likes and dislikes. A transcript can provide other advantages.

…you don’t have to make a huge investment to be able to produce great video. And if you were then to get that video transcribed, all of this information you have as a resource you can then make into a summary, blogs or white papers, fact sheets–essentially creating a really great shortcut using transcripts to take all of that spoken content and make derivative works.

~Shannon Murphy, from 3Play Media interview

How do you get your video transcribed? Here’s an article, 3 Video Transcription Services, from The Beat that recommends a number of reputable, affordable, and quick services.

And if you need some convincing that video can be a boon to your business, check out Video Brewery’s 18 Big Video Statistics and What They Mean for Your Business


[image credit: Copyright: dskdesign / 123RF Stock Photo]

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