If Your Content is Valuable–Then Prove It

31 May, 2014

internet marketing

Giving customers, readers, and clients/customers access to your valuable content.

Force website visitors to watch a video or offer a companion transcript?

Have a free report you’re offering–are you limiting access to this content?


I have heard people in my industry argue that it’s “confusing” to customers/clients/readers to offer them multiple calls to action for accessing content….well if that’s the case then this example is off the reservation:


Swipe_agora financial video v transcript option

Watch the video OR read the transcript OR pick up the phone and call to actually talk to someone about this content/information.

3 ways a visitor can access this info.

This is Agora Financial’s solution to the visitor who is about to close the tab on this content-Are we to assume they are doing it wrong by offering readers too many choices for accessing content? Agora is one of  THE biggest, most influential, and most profitable direct response publishing houses at work today. They bring in millions of dollars in revenue from their newsletters and information annually. I am pretty confident that they have this down pat, with no reason to analyze further. They do it b/c it works.

Offering Multiple Ways to Access Content – The Bigger Benefit(s)

When you provide a website visitor multiple options for accessing content via links, downloads, videos, etc. you not only offer technical options, but by doing so, you reap a bigger benefit–you imply that this content provides value to the visitor — that it’s WORTH bending over backwards to make sure everyone has every possible convenience available for accessing it.

So act like your content is meaningful and valuable (and make sure you begin by creating valuable content!) to your visitors and prospective clients/customers by making content conveniently accessible and appealingly packaged. I’ve used video v. transcript as an example, but it doesn’t stop there–consider how other content you offer can be made more accessible to a wider audience.

Another reason to consider multiple avenues to content access— accessibility for people who are blind, deaf, or cognitively impaired.

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