The Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Web and Digital Copywriting

16 June, 2013

web content

Customers generally do not just drop from outer space onto a web page. A user has a thought, a series of synaptic firings, an experience before they ever reach a page of digital content. The variety of external triggers and influencers that direct people to content are many and it becomes increasingly clear that I must have a multi-disciplinary understanding of the drivers to be truly successful in communicating.

For example, I am pinching a book off my shelf right now. It is Steven Pinker’s, “The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature.” I have another linguistic book, Guy Deutscher’s, “Through the Language Glass.” I can count 3 or 4 books on the topic of behavioral economics and cognitive theory — “Nudge,” “The Art of Choosing,” and “Microtrends,” to name a few — that have given me additional insight into communication and what thought processes or persuasion triggers can be involved in customer/visitor behavior.

None of these are shelved in the writing section of any library or at any bookseller. You have to have the suspicion that there is a relation among these areas of study in order to ever go in search of them. I suspect that this is not only true for my industry, but many–that there are related disciplines of thought that if explored can expand the toolkit of many other professionals.



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