Do you think outside the body copy?

Traditionally, web copywriters write a lot of body copy….text that typically occupies the middle column of many webpages. And the other stuff (headlines, calls to action, button text, form text, etc. ) gets added by developers, designers, and even business owners themselves. Why? Because the text needed is short-ish in length and therefore “easy?” Because anyone can write “Submit” on a button or throw together a one-liner for an opt-in form? Because they don’t want to pay for it, or don’t know how to estimate for it?

Reality check: They don’t understand the value. In many cases, these copy elements are actually the workhorses of conversion and I recommend you engage a copywriter (like me–shameless plug) to write them. There have been a few times when reviewing my body copy on a final site, I’ve winced at weak and lifeless calls-to-action and button copy, ad-hoc form copy, whitepapers that appear out of nowhere, and more. So the final experience can fail to “hang together” or deliver a cohesive message intended to convert visitors to customers.

So, as Walt Whitman sang, “The North and South are mine and the East and West are mine.” My realm, then, includes language beyond the body copy.


common webpage copy elements that can be crafted by a copywriter

common webpage copy elements that can be crafted by a copywriter

Beyond body text, here are the other content elements that may benefit from the attention of a copywriter, as referenced in the visual:

1. Button text can be short or longer to accommodate more compelling calls-to-action

2. Tab text

3. Help icon that opens up a dialog box or lightbox, 4. where there may be shorter or longer text to help a visitor/customer

5. Link text

6. Headline and subheads can be intriguing and include keywords if necessary

7. Hover or tooltip text

Other elements that can benefit from a copywriter’s attention include:

  • FAQs
  • Header and footer “utility” links
  • Promos and ads
  • Captions
  • Product descriptions
  • Table elements: column and row headers
  • Form content
  • Whitepapers (which magically materialize on sites seemingly out of nowhere)

That’s a lot more than body text. Don’t miss out.

Get even more strategic: ask for multiple versions of headlines, button text and other calls to action, for use as part of A/B testing, if applicable.


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