Can’t Keep a Good Blog Down

7 February, 2013

Blogs, web content

Content marketing alternatives can’t outdo the no-brainer-ness of blogging.

Publishing original content on a blog, on a regular basis, continues to be one of the best strategies for drawing search engine “love.”

  • Low barrier to entry – you can get a standalone blog for free (I have a handful of them that I’ve blogged on over the last 8 years, including Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, and for a very brief period of time–LiveJournal) and you can easily create a blog that’s associated to your website domain and then set up a pre-made template)
  • Low overhead – you don’t have to break the bank to create worthy content; don’t scrape it; put some thought into it and write it yourself in your own words, or spend a few bucks and hire a web copywriter or blogger to put your thoughts out into the world
  • You can’t overdo it – gotta love something you can’t do too much of; unfortunately, and I can attest to this, it’s important to sustain the blog with content; let it slip and get lazy and you will be witness to the drop of in traffic (visitors) apparent in your blog stats, the drop-off in traffic
  • Endless sources of ideas – blog post ideas are everywhere; current events, interviews, guest bloggers, trends, thoughtful commentary, case study, product review, share videos and others’ content then a brief commentary on it, etc.


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