Long Page Content – The Biggest Challenge

29 January, 2013

Copywriting, web content

Getting customers to scroll beyond the fold for a long page of content is not the biggest challenge. It’s a challenge, but not the crux of the problem. Because given the opportunity to chew on that truly remarkable content going on down below, they will scroll, and scroll, and scroll–if you can show you have something for them.

No, the biggest challenge is letting them know what’s down below.

Anchor Links

You might call them old-school, but anchor links work. Low-tech? Yes, but if you can build an intriguing link text (read mini-headline) then a simple click can take your customer to China, for godsakes.


Traditional anchor text looks like this:

Intriguing link text 1

Intriguing link text 2

Intriguing link text 3

and so on

Here is a slightly different take on it from Firefox–anchor links that visually emulate a tabbed structure, but are anchor links:

anchor links example

Intriguing Teasers

Here’s another pattern, from the Daily Reckoning’s Rude Awakening newsletter. Not anchor links, but a simple bulleted list of intriguing intros, just enough to pique interest and inform the reader what’s in store below. My eyeballs settle on them every time and guide me in my decision – to scroll or not to scroll.

bulleted intro content



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