Future Shock: Me, Writer, Parsed to Algorithm

2 May, 2012

creativity, web content

sketch of left and right brain on white boardNo machine is created or programmed that does not first have the stuff of a human’s brain input into its guts. The meta words and language currently being used to power Narrative Science’s writing machine is thought to be based heavily on the unique language of “famed early-20th-century sports columnist, Ring Lardner. People are always whacking home runs, swiping bags, tallying runs, and stepping up to the dish.”

That language is descended from a human with a unique and valuable skill set, a “poetic” style that could not have come from any other source. They’ve basically “swiped” his stuff, sliced it and diced it into bits that can be input logically into this AI computer.

There are benefits to some content automation… Daniel Pink has argued that the left-brained analytical stuff is likely to become more automated–the data-driven, statistical stuff.

So what’s this going to do to web writers like me? Doomed to extinction?

Despite the fact that left-brained data-driven stuff will get more automated, the right-brainers will stand out, so argues Pink.  I am right brained. I am a sense-maker. The subtle “poetry” of a narrative is a valuable skill that still kicks robotic ass.

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