Look to Your Own Persona: The Answers are Closer Than You Think

woman looking in a mirrorAs a web copywriter a persona–for ME–is a very effective tool.

Companies pay other companies a lot of “nut” to research customer demographics, conduct surveys and gather poll data, ultimately to assemble and deliver a slick deck of diverse customer personas.

Google “customer persona” and you’ll turn over a garden of search results for sites and blog posts and how-tos on the topic.

Our human nature takes us over.

We want someone else to give us the answer.

We want the secret.

Make it simple, Oz.

When I was a kid, my favorite Cracker Jack prize was the secret decoder ring. I hold a very clear image of it in my head. A dime store toy. I don’t really know what code I thought I was cracking; the secret of life maybe, the big unknown.

I know that when it comes to a customer persona I need look no further than my own nose…truly.

I am human nature.

I live a life with hopes and dreams and disappointments. I know what makes me happy. I know what makes me sad. I know what worries me. I know I procrastinate, have problems saving money, love life issues, have a fear of death and dying. If you’re  a Shrek fan, I might say there are a lot of layers to my onion.

And in our daily lives with our business faces on, we think we need some magical lens through which to view this nature, these desires and emotions.

So we hire people who study our next door neighbors.

Recently in a few of my projects I’ve spent less time wasting time trying to dig up others’ research on how to compel people to take action and spent more time examining my own urges.

I got your persona, right here.

Take a moment and look around you. There are personas everywhere you look, everyone you talk to today. What are they doing? What are they eating? Where are they going? And why? Those are the questions and chances are good that you have many of the answers already.


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