Great Sales Letter Lead Happening Now

11 April, 2012

Copywriting, sales

A lot of sales letters that are shared online are those that have a proven track record–they’ve been around for awhile.

This is the lead for a new online sales letter I received just this past weekend. It’s from Agora Financial, infamous for some of the best sales copy in the financial sector.

Searching for clues behind the gold legend of El Dorado,

adventures on revived trade routes stretching from the

Middle East to China and adrenaline-pumping trips to find

the No. 1 inflation-beating asset of the rich and famous…

Here’s Your Personal Invitation to

“Join” Me on a Free Worldwide

Guided Investment Adventure

The adventure begins on April 12.

No fees, passports or credit cards required. And you won’t

have to wait in customs or airport security lines.

See below for details…

Dear Adventure Seeker,

I’d like to personally invite you to “join” me on a free worldwide guided investment adventure.

It will be filled with adrenaline-pumping adventure, local characters and sights, sounds you’re sure to never forget.

While we’re sure to have fun, we’ll also be on a mission to find hidden investment opportunities in the most exotic of places…well before they are mere blips on Wall Street’s radar.”

What makes this SO appealing is its promise of ADVENTURE…the copywriter uses this word over and over in the letter. Here it’s used 5 times and the letter continues on for another 5 pages. To quote John Carlton on consumer psychology and why I’m betting this lead works like gangbusters as we speak (I actually bought the guy’s book):

“Most people don’t get to do interesting things…or meet interesting people…or have fun or adventure in their lives. Offer them a front row seat in a better life, and they will flock to you.” Almost as if they ripped this lead directly from Carlton’s guidebook, eh?

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