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22 January, 2012

advertising, Creative Content

Example of our herd mentality over at Wired…article on We will follow others…maybe that’s what it is all about.

Offline guerrilla marketing. Remember the coroplast yard signs that appeared a couple years ago for singles? They urged passersby to visit [SmallTown] That marketer must have owned hundreds of hyperlocal domains. (The national–viral—  yard sign frenzy was deeply analyzed by RJMetrics in a highly linked to article, “Single?” Lawn Signs Conquer the American Landscape. Here’s post-it note marketing. I’ve noticed them plastered all over the gas pumps in my area.

guerrilla marketing with post-it notes

Duluth Trading Company clever-ness:

“Longtail T: Plumber’s Butt fixed”

“Ballroom Jeans: Crouch without the ouch”

“Buck Naked Underwear”

“No bull guarantee”

And most marvelous of all is their Notes From the Field: Customer Stories Too Good To Pass Up. This is the way you tell customers about your products and services, package content that could otherwise be dry, boring, and dusty into something humorous, entertaining, and full of unique company flavah.



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