Building an Irresistible Call-to-Action

20 December, 2011

sales, swipe file, web copywriting

Sales copy is persuasive, is it not?


A call-to-action is an important piece of the online sales process, would you agree?


The invisible “yes” is key to overcoming buyer resistance and building irresistible web copy that can turn sales.

But once you’ve negotiated a series of invisible “yes-es” in your prospective customer’s mind, you need a call to action.

This morning I spotted this neat little trick– an interactive bar at the top of a newsletter promotion page. This is a compact example of an irresistible CTA:

sample call to action with a persuasive "yes" question

“Do You Want the Member Code to Get 40% Off? CLICK HERE”

Because it’s placed at the top of the page as an additional layer, there’s a 3D aspect to this, so you really can’t miss it.  Anyone remotely interested is going to click. In fact, anyone addicted to getting discounts and “% off” something valuable is going to click. Couponing is huge so this leverages that whole discount everything movement.

The component parts of this CTA:

  • “Do You Want”
  • “Member Code”
  • “Get 40% Off”


This CTA could have been written in half a dozen different ways, couldn’t it?

What would be the impact if it read like any of these?

“Click to get 40% off.”

“Get 40% off a new subscription.”

“Click to save on the newsletter.”

and so forth…

“Do you want to get 40% off?” is good and could definitely generate an invisible “yes,” but see  how much bigger an emotional boost it gets with the addition of “Member Code”? That language suggests to customers that they are gaining access to something special and usually reserved for paying members of an invisible club –“wow, they’re giving me the ‘member code!'”

None of these other diluted copy options have near the irresistible-ness of: “Do You Want the Member Code to Get 40% Off?” (yes) “CLICK HERE”

Great addition to a swipe file. Great template.

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