Does Your Web Content Match Your Brains and Business Ethic?

16 December, 2011

web content

young business guy contemplates web pages and contentBuilding an online business takes “Effort” and “Commitment.”

The good news is that many of your competitors can’t stand to hear those words! Why?

They want “it” for free or automatically, and they are lazy. (yeah, keep drinking that guru koolaid, kids). They have no grit. This sloth-dom is good news for you. Kiss ’em goodbye early on in your market if you embrace effort and commitment as intelligent business ethics.

  • Amazon: HUMONGOID.  Think Jeff Bezos got his company where it is today asking for hand-outs and expecting “free”? Or maybe you think he hung out on his surfboard on the Cali coast and kept hitting the “Easy” button? This company has been on a committed, effort-packed track since they launched in 1995. IPO $18; a moment ago $183+/share. (= Brains and business ethic.)
  • Apple: INDESTRUCTIBLE. But only achieved rock stardom in the last decade (it was founded in 1976, IPO $22 (split-adjusted $2.75), a moment ago $381.05). Talk about the geeky wallflower at the awkward 8th grade dance–that was Apple’s image for decades. Geek toys. Inaccessible to the masses. Who’s laughing now? Committed to “Think Different” (great example of  a “challenge headline”), constant and intentional innovation, an effort-packed trajectory. (= Brains and business ethic.)

Building an online business involves bringing a brand to life, creating customer relationships, inspiring loyalty. Part of this effort and brains includes colorful, diverse content that soars well beyond a landing page and stale blog.

So I ask ya, “Does your web content match your brains and business ethic?”

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