Lo-Fi Content Strategy and Whiteboard

Lo-Fi Content Strategy includes face-to-face conversations with end users of strategy documents like copy decksContent strategy documents and artifacts are not automatically accessible for all that may need to actually use them. Take a “simple” copydeck for instance– one of the lowest of the low strategy documents. This is where the rubber meets the road. End users of this document could be developers, programmers, and content management specialists. But what the hell is a copydeck if you’ve never seen or smelled one?

It’s fantastic that content strategy conversations are being had in higher-ups’ offices where business leaders are splitting approving smiles from ear to ear. But does anyone want to “own” the lo-fi strategy end of it? Does anyone but those on the ground get that there’s a widening knowledge gap?

Cave men first used rocks and stones as tools. At some point someone hewed a hammer. Very likely he had to show another how to use it before the way we worked could be forever changed.

Tools and artifacts of any kind need people willing to instruct and demonstrate. Face to face conversations. LO-FI strategy. Rubber meets road, Michelin man.

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