Writing Web Headlines for Maximum Effect

AdWords headline as an example of an effective web headline

Web headlines have the potential to affect every other word of content on a web page. Given those magical powers, doesn’t it make sense to know how to write a powerful web headline?

Web headlines are non-negotiable components of webpages, articles, press releases, reports, white papers, blog posts, landing pages, sales pages, and ads.

An effective web headline…Grabs customers by the eyeballs and makes your web content irrestistible

Eyes flit, skitter, and skid-across the web page; they look left, then down, to the right, then dart back left– desperately trying to make loose connections between keywords and any other “stuff” on the web page that may offer clues.

  • Your headline is one of the bigger text components
  • It’s near the top of the web page
  • A headline offers a golden opportunity for attracting your customer’s attention
  • Be outrageous, be newsy, be snarky, be irreverent, be academic, “tips,” “how-tos,” “why,” lists of top, crazy, awful, amazing, do’s, don’t’s, etc.

Effective web headlines are possibly more valuable than any other web content on the page.

Tips for Learning How to Write Powerful Web Headlines

Some of the more valuable headline writing lessons these days comes from the following sources: AdWords, Twitter, Digg, Facebook ads, bloggers, traditional sales copywriters (Kennedy, Halbert, Caples, Schwartz, etc.). You don’t need headline “templates” — you will quickly collect a gaggle of your own. AND using the same old headline templates is boring.

Digg headline as an example of effective web headlines

Example of powerful web headlines

AdWords headline as an example of an effective web headline

An effective web headline…Contains keywords that boost search engine optimization efforts

A web page headline is usually one of the very first text elements on the web page, the H1 tag in HTML-speak. Along with the title tag, description tag, and links, the headline or H1 tag is one of the first items indexed by a search engine bot or crawler. Perfect reason to put your main keywords into the headline text:

  • Keep keywords to the left of the headline
  • Keep headlines as short as possible

An effective web headline can also:

  • Visually communicate the topic of the web page
  • Can singlehandedly create customer conversions, make sales
  • Set the voice and tone
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