What Color is Your Web Content? Breaking the Monotony of Content Strategy Documents

a set of brightly colored pencils

a set of brightly colored pencilsEthereal ones and zeros assemble to give web content its shape and form. And yet we loooooove to copy and cram it into spreadsheets for the sake of evaluation and analysis.

We should be able to walk around content, looking at its shape, even its ….. color.

Ideally, there should be other options for analysis. Even if we have to invent them.

When we talk about auditing content and copy for tone and voice, we are simultaneously indicating how we want or ideally want customers to emotionally respond to it. Why not, then, identify content by its associative color?

From what planet do I hail, you ask?

Adobe’s meaning of color

Conveying Emotion Through Color

Emotional Response to Color

Emotions Color Wheel

Given our potential for inventiveness,  a content audit could quite possibly be transformed into a magical visual map, color coded to indicate the flavor of tone and voice. So we could ask ourselves:

  • Do our color codes match sitewide?
  • Do they match the intended tone and voice?
  • Do they convey the emotion as that of the rest of the site? Should they?

Maybe this sounds a little new-age-y at first glance? But tone and voice of web content CAN deeply affect customers. It does so by influencing emotion…which we’ve just proven is keyed to color.

Without a doubt there could be many types of “data” that need to be captured in a content audit or analysis, but maybe they don’t all lend themselves to the constraints of a spreadsheet.

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