Quick Examples of Voice, Tone, and Style

concept of unique style: red sneakers stand out alongside a row of black business shoes.

Tone and style figure prominently in a content strategy, but they are powerful ways to strengthen any kind of content, particularly that of a business, organization at large or the content on a website or as part of a standalone work.

How do you establish a tone and voice?

  • Identify and explore the content goals
  • Consider the businesses’ existing content — is the tone and style to be maintained and built upon or scrapped for another?
  • Consider audience/customers – Is there an identifiable demographic? How do they talk, what kinds of language do they use, where do they live, and what are they looking/shopping for?
  • Belief sets, readability, regional variations
  • Type of products and services (lifestyle, industrial, entertainment, sports, etc.).
  • Types of content, topics and “messages” that need to be conveyed.

All of the above I’ve just furiously tapped out because the factors that could help in shaping and polishing a voice, tone, and style are many.

Examples of unique tone and style around the web:

Huffington Post [this is an Arianna Huffington post]:

PARIS — Bonjour from Paris! It’s 3 a.m. Tuesday morning here. This has been a really exciting day. Every time I come to Paris — starting with my first trip outside Greece when I was 11 — I love every minute here. But this trip was special, as I’m here to announce the upcoming launch of Le Huffington Post, in partnership with Le Monde and French

Popular political blog, Talking Points Memo is saber-toothed in tone and witty in its writing style. Images and video help to support the tone of the text throughout:

Obamneycare is back, baby. And this time, it’s Photoshopped.

Tim Pawlenty’s painfully-misfired attempt to turn Mitt Romney and Barack Obama into the same person on health care has been picked up by Rick Perry and turned into a scary/hilarious new video that literally features Obama’s head morphing into Romney’s.

Apple.com sparkles with a crisp voice, tone, and style–emulating the elegance of its products.

Great built-in apps. It’s got everything. And it’s unlike anything. Share smiles over FaceTime, hold the web in your hands, and see your email in entirely new ways. With iPad, everything you do is anything but ordinary.

Content throughout the Foodnetwork.com website is casual, clean, and sharp without seeming overdone. The tone and style match  its audience, goals, and type of content:

Make easy and soul-satisfying food with minimal fuss and quick clean-up. These one-pot meals are perfect for school-night suppers, make-ahead meals and when you just don’t feel like spending too much time in the kitchen.

Bass Pro Shops creates a voice, tone, and style that matches that of most of their outdoorsy customers:

The Fishing Library contains hundreds of articles covering nearly every aspect of angling imaginable. Whether you’re a fly fishing guru, panfish fanatic, or searching for the next world-record bass, we’ve got the information you need to make the most of your time on the water.

Surfing Magazine online. Voice, tone, and style are ultra casual, surfer girls and guys “talking” to other surfer girls and guys, some of the content user-generated, which helps grit-ify the tone even more:

Coco really just came for the waves… the champagne shower and oversized check is all gravy.

“I suck at this,” Coco Ho claims from the victory stand. She gives her victory champagne a girlish jiggle and twists the top like a bottle of shampoo.

The cork hits a photographer point blank in the head. The bubbly pours on her sandy feet. Coco giggles then glug-glug-glugs half of the bottle onto second place finisher Dimity Stoyle’s head.

Ten or eight people stand around taking photos of this climactic moment of women’s pro surfing. It’s lunchtime.

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