Does Your Content Begin in Bloomingdales and Finish in a Dollar Store?

lost and confused signpost

lost and confused signpostAny time we give customers a link to follow — where we also control the content on the other end — we must consider the relevancy of the content between here and there. Does point A “match” point B? Or does your content leave them feeling bewildered and disoriented, as if they stepped in the revolving door at Bloomingdales only to end up in a Dollar store world?

“Is this where this was supposed to take me?” (head scratching)

“Wow, where did the great sounding offer go that I just saw in that ad…?”

4 check-up questions to ask yourself when linking an ad to a landing page:

  • Does your display ad or PPC ad look and sound similar to the landing page or website you’ve linked to?
  • Does the call-to-action make sense once your customer clicks through?
  • Do you minimize content to laser focus on your offer or sale?
  • Do you limit distractions to keep customers on a buy path? (disable or remove additional navigation, remove unnecessary media like videos, etc.)

Without some consistency and relevancy, taking a user from one content tone and visual experience to something completely unrelated is akin to putting them on a plane in New Jersey and dropping them off in Alaska a few hours later — it’s a mind-bending jet lag.

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