7 Web Content Strategies for Landing Page Conversion

Or, “How to optimize web content on landing pages following some simple “tricks” all the cheesy affiliate landing pages use.”

I clicked what I considered an appealing ad on Weather.com this morning only to find that it kerplunked me on a HORRIBLE landing page for a national property restoration company. No small biz faux pas. A BIG BIZ web content and conversion problem:

  • Header–too small
  • Web content: some sort of template that was justified left in my browser (too small) and well over 350 words of informational non-optimized text.
  • Call to action: an equally non-descript form that’s likely trying to capture more info than is needed at this point.

Contrast this downer experience with another ad-to-landing page I “tested”:

This time I chose an obvious affiliate marketing ad. It was your typical “Mom discovers $5 trick to curing wrinkles. Dermatologists hate her.” As cheesy as that message sounds, at least the web copy and content on the landing page tries to appeal to its audience, with a headline, conversion-oriented text, and clear calls to action.

What’s differentiates the web content on the affiliate landing page from the same on this national company’s landing page?

7 Web Content strategies that can boost convertions on landing pages: Learned from cheesy affiliate landing pages:

(btw, the following tips are delivered very tongue in cheek– even if some of these strategies (cheese and all) really do work like crazy for landing pages):

  • Headlines: When you’re writing headlines for your landing pages, include elements of fear, loathing, greed, or sloth. Better still if you can work all of them in.
  • Before and After photos: Get some totally photo-shopped before and after photos of whatever your business sells, even if it’s an unhappy sad customer (before) alongside a happy smiling customer (after). If the “after” customer is standing near a really fancy car or holding some cash, that’s a bonus.
  • Forms: Replace your 25 question fill-in form with a simple email capture: ” 25 Kick-Ass Ways to Use [your product] for Fun and Profi t . FREE ! 37 page report. Enter your email address to access the immediate download.”
  • Format of web content: Use the advertorial or news style format for your landing pages. These fool people really easily who believe they are actually on a news channel’s website or a magazine’s website. (Actually, a few of the most famous sales copywriters consistently wrote in a style that was akin to a newspaper report or newsy editorial. They created an authoritative unbiased voice and tone and leveraged that to sell, sell, sell.)
  • Big arrows: Work big chunky directional arrows above the fold. Arrows should point to featured landing page content–a video or key Call to Action like a “Buy Now” or “Rush My Order” big rounded button.
  • Testimonials: Include a few customer testimonials as part of your web page content
  • Trust marks: See if you can work in those sneaky little icons that say “As seen on CNN, ABC News, BBC,” along with their official-looking logos (screenshots :).
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