Build a Doorway to Exclusive Content Leveraging Google’s +1 Button

man looking through a peephole in a doorBesides recommending content, what is one way in which the Google +1 button may be a valuable tool for online business and marketers?  I did pick up what I think could be a significant revelation while listening to one of Google’s YouTube presentations. Somewhere in between the narrator’s commentary on the evils of buying +1’s and placing the +1 button for optimal usability, he said this: you can use the +1 button to unlock additional or exclusive content. Just like that…and moved on. You can use the +1 button code to “unlock” exclusive content for customers or visitors.

Am I silly to imagine a scenario like this?

“Hit the +1 button to reveal ‘How to Be a Mind-Blowing Kisser'” (or some much better call-to-action).

Might be a fantastic way to deliver unique content–at least for a while. It’s a fair trade. You give me this, then I give you that. It could be a report, a white paper, a manifesto, a requiem, a top 10 list–any kind of free content.

What kind of codes do you need to install to use the +1 button as a virtual secret passageway to exclusive content?

I found one site offering instruction on exactly how to use the +1 button to unlock exclusive content:

Google added a mechanism for webmasters to trigger a JavaScript function when someone clicks a +1 button. The mechanism … is the “callback” parameter of the +1 button, and it opens up a world of opportunity….





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2 Comments on “Build a Doorway to Exclusive Content Leveraging Google’s +1 Button”

  1. Donna Miner Says:

    GREAT info! After doing a bit of poking around, I’ve managed to acquire some excellent scripts from the site to which you linked which will be *very* useful to me! Thx much. 🙂


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