Get the Stress Out: Using Humor to Forge Trust and Convert

Is it my imagination or am I seeing more and more isntances of slight goofiness showing up on some websites. Even serious sites where you might spend hundreds of dollars on auto and home insurance or on a flight to Bora Bora for an amazing getaway?

In these troubled times maybe some humor makes sense when trying to convert visitors into customers. Sites that are cleverly adding in some humor: – I’ve highlighted this site before with its “Agony” search filter. Perfectly put. Allows you to quickly annihilate the flights that take you from Boston to Minot, North Dakota to Albuquerque, New Mexico before you get to your destination in Atlanta 3 days later 🙂's "agony" sort filter – Flo, the company’s “spokes-character” is generally goofy by nature, but look in the footer links under Related Content on the website: dress like flo link

“Dress Like Flo” opens to this window:

dress like flo (again) – Searching for a hotel on Hipmunk (they deliver total sense of humor)–I typed in an unusually lengthy duration for a hotel search and this is the error message I get:

hipmunk's funny hotel search error message

We know humor can reduce stress, but these sites are also leveraging humorous web copy tactics to build customer relationships, forge trust, and remove the barriers to buying.

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