Milking Creative Juices from Other Web Mediums

Bored business guy or office worker with a paper airplane to try and entertain himselfMy nephew is part ninja warrior, part blacksmith, part speed demon, part writer and artist, and part magician, hobbit, Yoda…He’s all over the place. And he believes he’s expert at everything. I’m not advocating that kind of cockiness and I hope with all my heart that he grows out of it or he’ll be a grown-up ass. BUT right now that kind of mindset is giving him the confidence to be totally and completely, unabashedly creative across so many mediums.

Unfortunately once the creativity is whacked out of you, it takes a lot to get it back, if ever. I read Perry Marshall’s Ready…Set…Go! The Fast Start Guide to Google AdWords when it came out in 2005. AdWords infancy? (Truth: in a market muddied with so-called experts, he has the credentials.) So I’ve been tuned into his stuff for a long time and I have to say, he regularly inspires.

He’s still offering ways to get creative copy baked into ad impressions. This old dogeared manual I have is literally peppered with example after example of Perry creative ad copy–in micro format. Better yet, it works with keywords and can be a powerful way to optimize CTR for ad impressions. It doesn’t take a genius to see how his guidance for sculpting crazy creative AdWords copy can be applied to almost any type of web copywriting, from  headlines to title tags and description tags.

Just because we may have left our biological youth behind, doesn’t mean we can’t enthusiastically embrace  relevant creative ideas and strategies with applications for multiple mediums.  I am a ninja warrior…Xena…lilypad…Olympic bobsledder…shoelace.



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