How a Strategic Call-to-Action Can Boost Visibility and Build Anticipation

“Share this invite to get higher priority.”

Now that’s a call-to-action, especially from the perspective of a new BO.LT visitor/fan.

Sign up for BO.LT, the new webpage sharing site and you’re left sitting here: (where you make one of two choices — close it or share)

call to action for new BO.LT page sharing site

You’re assured you’re “on the list” for an access code, but if you share an invite to the site using Facebook, Twitter, email, or by copying and sharing the tiny url, you can instantly squash that feeling of “I’m missing out” and jump to the front of the line. It’s like legally driving in the break down lane.

So what’s really gone “down” in this situation to make this so effective?

  • BO.LT, for starters, has won a lot of attention from big name online mags like Tech Crunch, Huffington Post, AdWeek, and more in the lead-up to its launch.
  • It’s leveraging an invite system and access code sign up, which drives people mad with anticipation.
  • This call to action  offers a simple solution to the visitor who’s really agitated with the idea of having to wait to be granted access.
  • Sharing invites only boosts BO.LT’s visibility, and so on an so forth.

BO.LT — instead of a simple share your email and we’ll send you an access code model, has built this launch into an event. The “share this to get priority” call to action makes genius use of the energy of eager fans  chomping at the bit to get full access.

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