Micro-Script Rules: the book

If word gets out on this book, it’s going to sail off shelves.

Bill Schley’s The Micro-Script Rules is a $16.95 branding, identity marketing, business marketing guidebook. It puts to shame the gurus hawking their high-priced courses and info products that sell for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

These “rules” pertain to ANYONE working anywhere NEAR online or offline marketing, advertising, communications. If you write, pitch, sell, or support a product or business. Schley proves, over and over again with famous real-life examples, that this simple, bare bones approach works like a charm. Apply his rules to get others talking and writing and pitching your goods to friends and family using what he calls the “Word of Mouth Machines.”

It’s about telling simple stories in the words used by your customers/fans/users–“say-able…repeatable”–and literally making these snippets your permanent micro-scripts. Period.

Schley’s theory (actually one of his micro-scripts) is this: “It’s not what people hear. It’s what they repeat…”

“When things get complicated and tense, built-in heuristics or rules of thumb direct us to a much smaller set of more vital data to deliver us to the heart of the matter. They tell us that simpler makes us smarter. Data overload gums up the works. Too much information makes us dumber….

What if we found the rules of thumb for communicating ideas that were so simple and powerful, we could capture the kind of focus we reach at times of stress, turn it into branding that was suddenly sharp and differentiating, or presentations that people could remember and repeat ten minutes or ten days after you left the room? Or a political speech that set the voters in motion? Or tantalizing Tweets or great Google Abstracts? Or lessons for our sixth grade class? Or any kind of message we wanted to succeed in any of the new media? And what if a big, unintended consequence was they made our marketing intuition and strategy better too…” (The Micro-Script Rules, Bill Schley)

Mr. Schley is the “rules of thumb” messenger.

Find out more about The Micro-Script Rules.


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