Too Many Calls to Action: Possible?

Without a doubt, calls to action are key content components on a website or webpage. And today’s web sites typically have a LOT guy hits himself in head with hammer - frustratedgoing on–sometimes a bit too much. But when do a lot of calls to action become too many? Just a thought, but I was just checking out one of my regular news sites and these CTAs just left me wondering where to head next, what to do first, etc. There are 2 dozen commands listed below that I just plucked off the front page:

  • Subscribe to…
  • Log in
  • Register Now
  • Personalize…
  • Follow…
  • Switch to…
  • Post a comment
  • Get quotes
  • Watch Trailer
  • Download…
  • Post an ad
  • Search for…
  • Go to…
  • Go
  • Subscribe today…
  • Advertise
  • Place a classified ad
  • Buy…
  • See more
  • Click now
  • Go to complete list
  • Customize headlines
  • Click here to enjoy the convenience…
  • To learn more, click here…

And there aren’t any more than there probably are on any other given day, but for some reason they just stood out to me on this occasion. Maybe, in general, we’ve grown immune. OR maybe I’m the only one who’s head is swimming in click heres and learn mores and view this and do thats.

What if we could complete the call to action in our brains, without necessarily the action verb installed?

Instead of “Click here to enjoy the convenience…” it would be become “Enjoy the convenience…” or instead of “Go to complete list” the text link became simply “Complete list.” Does every text link need to become an overt call to action to get the visitor/customer to act?

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