Would You Make This Content Mistake on Your Landing Page?

28 March, 2011

google, landing pages, web content

Google does a lot of its content right, but I was surprised recently by this ad-to-landing page experience:

First, the ad impression:

Ad impression for Google's keyword tool?

(It’s not at all insignificant, btw, that for the keyword “keywords,” Google dominates in results.)

I was searching for keywords, clearly. As a customer, I expected that when I clicked “Google Keywords” that I’d be taken to the keyword tool, or at least a page with Google keywords info somewhere visible…is that too much for a customer to expect?


Second: the landing page (destination) for the above ad:

a google landing page that's mismatched to its ad impression

At first glance…which is all a customer is going to give…I’m wondering where in the hell is the bit about keywords?

Oh, there it is. See it? Buried in content well below the page header or subhead–an ad-to-landing page mismatch that could quickly lose prospective customers. Just off the cuff, here is a quick alternative version using content that exists already on the page:

Advertise your business on Google

Create ads and choose keywords. Keywords are what people search for on Google.

When people search on Google using one or more of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. Now you’re advertising to an audience that’s already interested in you.

Get Keyword Ideas (big button)


And I understand part of Google’s problem– the “Start Now” CTA doesn’t live on the Keyword tool page, so they need to work that in, but that’s beside the point. It doesn’t matter what challenges Google faces here, when the fact is the customer was converted on the ad “Google Keywords” then taken to a page where any mention of “keywords” is buried in the small print.


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