Fodder for my next few posts

I have currently 4 posts in draft stages. Blog manic. It’s thanks to a few standout reads and other items I’ve had the good fortune to consume, so perhaps I can just jumpstart these in-the-gate posts by giving some cred where due:

  • Youngme Moon’s, Different. The book is a dichotomy: quiet and loud. Discoursing on what it means to be different in today’s business world when all around you are fighting to be the same.
  • Steven Johnson’s, Where Good Ideas Come From, another powerful book for both scope of ideas and his sheer mastery of language.
  • Stanley Fish’s, How to Write a Sentence…a beautiful celebration of language and style, which is sure to lead me into the woods, considering the next item on my list.
  • Google’s Farmer update– a post on what I’m going to call the “content crisis.”
  • Dan and Chip Heath’s article on true “True Grit” in the March edition of Fast Company. I love it when someone discusses words we never use anymore–like “grit.” These guys spend a couple pages–and don’t even break a sweat– cogently arguing for its place in our business lexicon.  I, for one, am inspired.
  • and a couple of beautiful poetry slams.
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