Ice Lousy Web Content: Has the Clean Sweep Arrived?

16 February, 2011

google, web content

It was just a matter of time before Google would find a way to ferret out awful content, or downgrade it from on-high search results (which madden anyone with a legitimately value-added, content-worthy site).

Chrome’s new plug-in gives Google search users the power to decide for themselves what’s good or bad content, by blocking sites from their search results when they deem the content to be low-quality. Personal Blocklist Extension. It’s a step. It’s an “adjacent possible.” Maybe even a small win for quality content. But is it anything earth-shattering? First, people actually need to care enough to hit the block link. If power to the people to define “crapola” is given to the millions that regularly guzzle Jersey Shore and Kendra (who?!) and other media gruel, then I hold little hope. But it’s a step. Maybe once Google has collected enough data from user behavior it will perfect a more definitive process, or an algorithm that automates the scrub. I, for one, will be watching to see the evolution.

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One Comment on “Ice Lousy Web Content: Has the Clean Sweep Arrived?”

  1. Brad Fallon Says:

    Google’s step would be an exciting outcome for such such an evolution. I will be also waiting to see such.


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