Got Content? Now What?

Got web content?

Once we have  content what do we do with it?

  • Creation
  • Curation
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Renovation

Now that I have many pages of content, my job becomes a kind of constant caretaking, a lot of my responsibilities falling into the above categories. I can also start asking myself the following:

  • Is any of the content dated? Will it need to be updated to match current events/news, etc.?
  • Do site metrics indicate any areas that could be strengthened?
  • Do trends tools indicate any opportunities for building out additional content? Can I forecast keywords, phrases, synonyms that could help drive traffic and punch up the value of my site(s)?
  • Is there any usability data available that might provide an argument for content edits?
  • Is there an editorial calendar/schedule that ensures regular content reviews are actually completed?
  • Any opportunities short-term and long-term to build in additional content curated from other sources?
  • What are the content goals short-term and long-term? Do they change over time?
  • Is content monetized? If not, will it be in the future? Options?

But why bother? “That sounds like a lot of work…Why can’t I just throw 50 pages of informational content onto a site?” Or, “My products aren’t really going to change significantly…if my customers want it badly enough they won’t care if it’s the same old site.” Or, “It seems to work alright.”

It’s worth the bother because it’s largely believed that Google values older content over younger. User targeted content over that with little rhyme or reason. Well-crafted meta title and description tags can be valuable elements in an SEO strategy. And since we know search engine algorithms are constantly changing, along with the user landscape, we believe that constant attention to your web content–in whatever various forms it may be– is an investment and time well spent.

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