Video: Site Conversion Strategies

There’s more actionable info packed into this 5 minute+ video than I’ve seen in awhile.  Dr. Flint McGlaughlin is a compelling thought leader and he offers some candid strategies for website improvement–all of which can be applied to various online conversion activities. He covers: 3 key ways to nail down website sales and lead gen; 3 questions every web user must be able to answer when they arrive on a site; best use of website “real estate:”

Recapping–because he’s intense and speaks like an academician–McLaughlin’s 3 principles for website sales and lead generation:

  1. Emphasize Specificity:  “If I am an ideal customer, why should I purchase from you rather than any of your competitors?”
  2. Emphasize Continuity:  message must remain consistent throughout the sales funnel.
  3. Increase/Emphasize Relevance: product/service must be closely connected to customer’s “motivation.”

About website user experience: “In the first 4 inches of space on a website… within the first 7 seconds,” contends McLaughlin, visitors/customers/prospective customers must be able to answer these 3 questions:

  1. Where am I?
  2. What can I do here?
  3. Why should I do it?


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