Ditch Wimpy Web Copy

Steve Cone’s book, Powerlines, is about good versus bad company taglines and political slogans and the sensibility it takes to craft a proper “message.” Sound boring? Not. I plowed through the book not because I’ll be writing political slogans anytime soon, but because the practice of conjuring an exciting and charged tagline or slogan can and should be applied to other types of writing. And Cone’s insight on the good, bad, and ugly is an entertaining historical romp.

Cone dishes some of the best and worst marketing and advertising messages since the Revolutionary War. Woven in he emphasizes over and over the recipe for creating solid slogans and taglines for just about anything.  The following 3 elements–plucked from among his 10 rules for creating “powerful powerlines”– are certainly the ingredients for unique and cut-above web copy:

  • Be original.
  • Hit emotional hot buttons if possible.
  • Put some attitude into the mix.
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2 Comments on “Ditch Wimpy Web Copy”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Love this and can relate for so many reasons (amongst them a teenaged desire to be a political speechwriter). When I’m at a loss for “emotional” words, I head to this page…


    Not too shabby for Wikipedia, eh?


  2. jrotman Says:

    Cool lists there. Gotta love Wikipedia. Thank you for sharing that resource.


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