Loosening the Grip on Web Content

No matter how you look at it, web content and copy is personal. That’s been my experience across the board. What’s been most surprising, though, is that larger clients with multiple stakeholders present the biggest problems with “ownership” of content versus small online business owners and marketers. “Corporate” isn’t disengaged at all, in fact stakeholders can be intimately attached to their products, services, and messages so much so that the process of bringing web content from draft just to content management system can be interminable.

Deep attachment to web content, though, might actually confuse the message you’re crafting, diminish the goal of the site, the web page, the call to action, totally missing the mark on audience engagement. Like anything else in life, the closer you are to a thing, the less perspective.



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2 Comments on “Loosening the Grip on Web Content”

  1. Chris Amorosino Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. There seems to be no pattern to who will strike out and slay the writer who so much as dares to change a comma in their work. Writers grow thick skin. Sara Palin may be a grizzly but us writers are rhinos.


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