Innovative Web Copy

Is it possible to be more innovative with web copy?

How much more “user friendly” can we get with text on a webpage anyway?

As we speak, the handbook to innovative web copy is being written right in front of our noses and it’s free for the taking any time you’d like to dip in. Oh, and it’s constantly being updated, so you don’t miss out on any new stuff.

Who’s writing this and how can I get it?

This enterprise develops and owns dozens of products and services, is a leading internet publishing company, advertising company, and a technology thought leader.

Google is writing the textbook on innovative web copy. G.’s kept no secrets about the kind of web copy and content it believes is valuable and worth promoting. If nothing else has, certainly its latest Mayday algorithm tune-up has sent a clear message: pump up the volume value on your content or risk being bumped from top SERPS.

Innovative web copy? Check out a current page of Google search results:

For many searches such as this one for “fishing,” the front page of search results returns a melting pot of available web content: web pages, videos, images, local search results, news results, and related searches.

How does this translate to a webpage and “innovative” web copy?

Innovation in web copy is about integrating various types of content –manipulating them like components. Text –that once had to carry a webpage all on its own– now can learn to share space with other types of content, such as video, photos, RSS feeds, user generated content, and illustrations that do some of the communicating and engaging.

Lighten up on the web copy where possible and pair it with complimentary content components.

Google’s textbook is morphing daily.

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