Show Them How to Use “It”

In the new Apple iPad commercial–one of my faves– we hear this from the voiceover:

“You already know how to use it”

It’s THAT intuitive….no questions necessary. Well, that’s probably not exactly correct, but the intended meaning is that this thing is built for human interaction. Here’s a question:

Can you say the same about your product, service or your website? And if not, how can you use copy and content to simplify and make it crystal clear  without sacrificing compelling and interesting.

You could follow Apple’s lead and actually show your audience your widget in use. Apple makes its argument strong:  it shows the iPad (could be your widget) being used in all different ways, by all different types of people and in a wide variety of environments and conditions. Period.

Really well assembled step-by-steps are also effective when you have information that lends itself to being organized this way: Here’s an example from a Mass gov site…

And check out that page title–Forming a Business – Step-by-step – This is why I chose it from the Google results for its “step by step” clarity, cuz everyone knows step-by-step instructions are usually simple to follow.

You could also make sure you have offered your prospective customers opportunities to understand any related nuances of your product. For example, you have a widget that beams you up to a spaceship. What about a little vignette that explains: “What to expect your first night on the mothership.” Because it’s likely they wouldn’t know this and you get to be the ultimate authority, the insider info you’ve identified that they would of course need to know.

Sound elementary? Take  a look around the web…

Realtors could provide the utlimate insider look at how the homebuying experience works, nuts and bolts of a mortgage, where all those closing costs come from and why they are absolutely essential for the deal, explain why a home inspector is so valuable…

Last year Perry Marshall explained why a contracting company sending out direct mail in his neighborhood so nailed this concept: A contractor specializing in basement waterproofing–an expensive fix– sent out books on the science of dry/wet basements as part of its sales strategy. Yes, it cost this contractor money to buy the books and it cost him money to mail them out as part of a direct mail campaign, but imagine what this scientifically written manual did for his sales pitch…it was an authoritative support in favor of basement waterproofing.  Anyone reading the book would have had no alternative but to agree that their wet basement needed fixing and now they know exactly what horrible things could happen should they let the basement swampland languish.

Reports, white papers, graphs, illustrations, videos, interviews, comics, stories…all of these can be quickly designed into a web site and used to better the user experience so your audience  “already knows how to use it.”

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