Writing the Dream Scene

17 May, 2010

advertising, Copywriting, sales

picture of a woman on a rive casting a fly-fishing rodEver hear this:

Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle?

That adage suggests you focus more intently on the experience of something — the benefits– than the physical or tangible aspects — the features. Steak, bicycles, cars, fly fishing lures, wedding cakes, event planning, hand-thrown pottery, kitchen renovations, or web copywriting– it applies.

You attract long-lasting and real customers and clients, as well as build enthusiasm and intrigue for your product or service, by creating an experience surrounding your….fly-fishing lures, let’s say. Here we go…I’ve been fly-fishing once. The very mention of fly-fishing and I’m back in Yellowstone on that crisp morning, up to my waist in swift river water. I’m casting tiny beautifully crafted flies in the air, each a unique rendition of a seasonal insect matched perfectly to the type of river, water, time of day, etc. Those carefully crafted and chosen flies ensured I bagged three gleaming rainbows my first time out.  That’s the experience and that’s my dream scene– the one I picture in my head over and over again. I’ve been fly-fishing one time. If I went out again I’d go buy my own flies, so I’m already primed for such a sale. Guess what? So are many others. And the dream scene can be applied to any product or service.

Point is, there is a way to imbue your marketing, advertising, website, etc. with experiences we can almost taste, smell and feel. And by doing so you create marketing that is special. Don’t think hype. Don’t think hard sell. Just spin a simple story or dream scene with your products and services playing main characters. It has its place when all around you seem to be shouting.

No hype: set the scene, tell them what they need to make it real and lasting. Paint the dream scene.

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