Sales Power of the Daily Email Newsletter

I subscribe to a number of copywriters’ email newsletters, but one in particular–Ben Settle– stack of washed black stones with one inscribed with "trust" on topmakes it his “bizniz” to mail every single day. Is it tiresome? No. Is it boring? No. Do I get tired of hearing him day in and day out? No. 95% of the emails he sends have a nice compact message that I now look forward to hearing (notice how I wrote “hearing” as opposed to “reading”)…I’ll get to that powerful element in a minute.

So this copywriter certainly has the element of consistency. OK.

But beyond consistent, his email newsletters have more than that when you dig below the surface:

  • I’ve gotten to know him…much more so than others– he’s forged a connection.
  • He’s a daily ritual, he’s friendly, insightful, committed to his craft, consistent and I can COUNT ON HIM to offer up some nugget of brain matter–he’s made himself a fixture in my daily life, a routine.
  • I’ve read so many of Ben’s newsletters now that I actually hear them in my head (recall I used the word “hearing” above versus reading)–he’s created a voice, which is twice as powerful as just packing words into an email. (Perry Marshall has done this for me, too).
  • At the end of every newsletter–and they are quite brief– he ties his daily message somehow into a soft pitch for his signature copywriting handbook or another of his key products. At the same time he’s building trust, he’s also nudging ajar the doorway to a real cash sale just a smidge more.

For the record: the few times I’ve pulled out my credit card to buy from a copywriter selling online, it’s been from one of the copywriters whose message is consistent, valuable and who has invested time building a relationship with me over and over and over again, whether I buy from her/him or not. This includes Bob Bly, Perry Marshall, Lawrence Bernstein, and Ben Settle.

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