Using Web Copy to Filter Your Audience

one dart hits a targetWhen you can identify your audience, reader or prospective customer and client you hold the keys to the virtual castle. But this is often one of the forgotten components in the process. So how exactly does this “identifying the audience” thing start?

#1. Narrow down the “who” you’re speaking to, selling to or serving

The web offers clear-cut opportunities to carve a well-defined cut-out of your audience. Think about the specific ways a typical web user—even you– navigates the web… It’s one big user experience from the moment you hit the power button to the browser you use to surf the web, to the moment you log off. During that time, what’s happened? Where have you gone and why? What happened while you were there, good and bad? What did you buy, learn, consider, bookmark, etc.?

There are websites, ads, videos, social networking sites, etc. each of which speaks to your target audience, but what filters are in place that get them there in the first place and how is web copy used to refine these?


Components of a search that are often within the control of the web copywriter include the page title and description tags, or meta tags. These html elements can give your prospective audience clear indications of what he or she will find when they click on that result; include keyphrases and synonyms that define and refine an interested audience are also key for SEO.

Site Navigation

The more clear, intuitive and logical your site’s navigation the more targeted your audience becomes as they drill further into your content.

Ads (PPC, display, banner, classified, etc.)

Online ads crafted to appeal to an audience are a filter or funnel that lead typically to a landing page or even directly into a website or sales letter.  BUT one can get lost in the click-through — it’s like a strange and unknown tunnel. When your customer emerges on the other side they need to know they’ve taken the right “path”–you indicate that by restating your headline. Best practice in an ad like this —  use a titillating headline and make sure the same headline is reflected clearly on the landing page so your prospective customer is sure he or she is in the right place.

At what key points in the web experience can you find opportunities for targeting a specific audience and drawing them in?

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2 Comments on “Using Web Copy to Filter Your Audience”

  1. merck Says:

    Seems so basic but that last point about matching your text links to the ultimate landing page to improve conversion is stellar! Thanks for that.

    Another point to consider is ALT tags in graphics.


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