Site Speed Affects Page Rank, Says Google

13 April, 2010

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If you offer web copywriting or are a site builder or publisher, Google has officially said site speed helps determine your page rank, one of the over 200 “signals” it uses to calculate PR. Chalk up another consideration when building a website or creating content.

Site performance is determined by a laundry list of factors– not just the site design, not just the web copy, not just the call to action, not just the links or the meta tags or the SEO (so stop holding various people accountable….), etc.  Site performance and ultimate page rank, visibility, and usability is in everyone’ hands. Site/content relevance remains #1 for Google.

AND here’s a bravo quote:

…search engines have not used keyword density to determine rankings for a very long time. What about users/searchers? What keyword density tool determines what your target audience thinks? At some point, search-engine friendly copywriters should know how to write effective content without relying on such tools.

Thank you, Search Engine Land. Strong support like this helps  those of us who take a topic and simply write using all our senses and natural language. If you know a topic, you can’t avoid wrapping your page copy in not only popular keywords and phrases, but also very effective synonyms.

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