Updated Massive List of Copywriters Tools

classified and top secret brown folder of business documentsI’ve just updated the Massive List of Copywriters’ Resources page with a section on free Swipe File lists. This page is my ongoing project to which I regularly add tools and resources.

But since I’m on the topic of swipe files and so many people want access to them I thought I’d mention a few things I’ve noticed since tinkering around with others’ swipes and in creating my own.

Many of the best web copy swipes available are electronic. You can certainly save your swipes as links to these sources, but a word of caution: if the sales letter, landing page or video you’re referencing is one you’d like to have available for the long-term, consider downloading it, taking a screenshot or printing it out to save it-cuz links can disappear… I’ve hit a few others’ swipe file links before only to find the sources gone:(.

The Best Swipe File…Your Own

The best swipe files are those you develop yourself  and for some copywriters this is exactly why their swipe file becomes so valuable–the time and energy involved in gathering and organizing usable sources can be immense.  Once I started gathering digital documents and printed material I found it rather addictive–material adds up quickly. I have a large digital folder dedicated to collecting my swipes and I have an accordion style folder to hold my hard-copies. Can I just say that both are stuffed and in need of serious organizing.

The offline organizer is pretty straightforward for organizing hard copy swipes, but what about those digital pieces? How can you create a useful digital swipe file, making clear sense of the electronic sales letters, landing pages, video clips, AdWords samples, headline samples, email marketing pieces and more?

  • Use an online note taking application (now that Google Notebooks is gone) where you can collect webpages and other types of content. UberNote, Zoho, and EverNote are just a few examples of online note taking and web clips apps.
  • Use a blog platform to save and organize your swipes. Don’t want to make your swipe public, then make sure your settings are set to Private. Organize the resources by topics categories, with more granular tags so you can quickly search.
  • For capturing whole webpages (long online sales letters) I use Screengrab! a Firefox add-on that can save an image of an entire webpage or a screenshot  as a .jpg or .png to my desktop with one click.

That’s a start, but there is so much more you can do to customize your swipes and make them a usable and very valuable tool when developing copy.

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