Copy Leftovers

Concept for new idea, a peeled pear reveals a light bulbBusiness improvement moment:

When I write web copy I usually over-write the first time around. During the refining process I cut, modify, reorganize. In the past I’d cut with no thought to the potential loss. One day I wished I had the magical powers possible to snatch back the 200 word paragraph I’d cast forever into the virtual vacuum. Whoops. I spent time reinventing it–which cost me money in time.

That pain under my belt I’ve started doing something different when I “refine”: content that’s worthwhile gets saved to my EXTRA folder. If I’m working for a client and suddenly need some extra content, I have it. If I ever need some content or ideas for a blog post or other project, I can refer to my EXTRAS– I think of them like paint samples.

I consider this change in my writing practice a business improvement. See it took me time and effort to create it in the first place. I can always clean house later, but why not try and squeeze every bit of juice out of my product?  Is there anything in your business that you might be throwing away that could be repurposed at a later date, saving time and money?

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