Improving Web Copy

Is it perfect?

Probably not.

You can likely improve your site’s copy in any one of a number of ways–changes and improvements driven by market changes, competitors, your business needs and/or even your interests.

Where to tweak:

  • Improve the page title tag– this is the title that appears at the top of the browser pane, also appears as the title in the search results (keyword-driven)
  • Improve the page description–  shows up as the description or snippet in the search engine results
  • Improve the page headline or H1 tag, <h1></h1>
  • Improve page subheads
  • Improve text
  • Improve content in general: reinforce ideas, concepts, appeal to a wider audience by adding video, images, tables, graphs, blog, etc.
  • Improve user / audience / prospective customer engagement: Adding user generated content engages your audience. Forums, article submission opportunities, photo sharing tools, are all used to stretch your user engagement and build relationships, loyalty. Examples: – user forums, user photos, articles submitted by “members,” plus it sells gear.

Below: Nice example of a well-put together webpage– from Microsoft. Page title tag: “Make Music With Basic Software,” same as the page headline (h1). See the lefthand nav header: “I want to…” I like the lead in paragraph to this page because the font size is bigger, almost like a subhead or deck copy for a sales letter (but not)–nice alternative. At the very bottom of the page a reader/user feedback (super simple thumbs up or down one-click tool) and a couple related articles to other areas in the site.

microsoft webpage nice example

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