A New SEO Copy Strategy on the Horizon?

If you’re a search disciple you’ve likely been witness to the march of new search features Google’s introduced over the last few months. One of the latest is the search engine’s attempt to identify synonyms for search queries and apply a bold text decoration within the results search snippets.

At this stage of the game the functionality is pretty primitive and inconsistent at best. But as the folks over at Search Engine Watch put it: “SEO copywriters would be diligent to consider the… expansion of synonyms should Google like how its new feature plays out….”

Screenshot of bold synonyms in action:

screenshot of google's new bold synonyms in search results

Notice the synonyms in the Adwords are bolded, too…

While I was playing around with Google searches I had a heck of a time getting the synonyms feature to show. Search Engine Watch mentions a couple examples which are pretty obscure. For example, I finally produced bold synonyms when I searched for digital pictures of dogs, but I couldn’t when searching for pictures of dogs. Maybe the feature is Google’s attempt to clarify less concise search queries by meting out synonyms. Not sure at this point it’s worth speculating over. I’ll wait and see if this is going to gather any headwind and become a more important feature of search and ultimately the shape of the copy on the page.

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