Domain Buying Tips

25 January, 2010

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goats in a fieldDomain buying as a task is pretty simple and straightforward, but as a business DOMAINS are cutthroat. About 1.5 years ago I published a post recounting my sideswipe with domain front-running. Yesterday I was reminded of just how misleading the domain registration business can be.

A few months ago I registered the domain Really I wanted –already taken BUT on the cusp of expiring. Apparently over the weekend that .com domain became available. In my email inbox I had 2 domain registrars contacting me with messages that go something like this:

“Congratulations! is available.

Since you are the registrant for we thought you might be interested in this more valuable .com domain. It’s yours today for only $99….But you must act fast!”

Sounds like they have my best interests at heart, too. My heart started to race–yeah I wanted it. Could I justify the $99? What if I passed it up?

I settled down for a minute. Let’s see how available it really is, I thought…I’ll go to my current host and see if it’s available for registration through them.

Guess what? I registered this domain for $10 (not $99) through my own hosting company. What does that mean?

Domain businesses are looking out for themselves, period. They are really good at pushing buttons when there’s internet real estate up for grabs. Lesson: don’t follow the leader. Be suspect when it comes to domain buying. Don’t “test” domain names through a host (I learned that the hard way). There are very few people you can trust in this arena and a business is likely the least trustworthy, even if you’re a customer/client.

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One Comment on “Domain Buying Tips”

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