Google Continues to Purge Advertisers

Gaming Google’s become a popular pasttime among pay per click advertisers, affiliate marketers and “others.” Instructions abound all over the web for launching new businesses seemingly out of thin air and using AdWords–Google’s own business. So this is where we’re at:

The New York Times (I’ll probably have to pay for this type of article in 2011 thanks to the NYT proposed “pay meter”–in fact, I think 2010 will the year of the “meter”…for various reasons)…any way. The NYT posted an article today reporting on Google’s “Cleanup Efforts” in the realm of AdWords. Since this past September Google’s been on the warpath  and  banning thousands of its advertisers’ accounts– PERMANENTLY. ouch….

NYT report follows on the heels of the 4th Quarter reports on Google’s activity: in December according to findings by AdGooroo, Google may have banned upwards of 30,000 accounts and with new technology is able to “ensure they don’t weasel their way back in.” The house cleaning apparently had a collateral benefit– driving a renewed frenzy for ad placement among other advertisers and boosting Google’s revenue.

SeoRoundtable and SearchEngineLand both have been hot on the Google ad bans reports over the last 6 months. SeoRoundtable was able to post one of the ban notification letters sent to a banned advertiser. The focus is clearly on advertisers that offer less than ideal end user experiences. Content that will get you banned according to the ban letter:

  • Sites that charge users or collect personal information in exchange for a product that is never delivered
  • Sites that charge for “free” software
  • Sites that trick users into paying for fake or poor-quality content
  • Sites that charge users for information that makes unrealistic promises of financial- or personal gain
  • Sites that install malware on a visitor’s computer.

Best advice: learn the AdWords system and have something decent to sell, give, and otherwise put out into the universe. Google WILL run its own show one way or the other.

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One Comment on “Google Continues to Purge Advertisers”

  1. ryanMoultrup Says:

    I’m glad that Google is cleaning up it’s Adwords program. The amount of absolute crap that is being sold on the internet is mind boggling and it is Googles job to weed through all this crap and deliver a positive user experience.

    For the most part Google does this very well. Really the only people that are going to be effected are out-of-control affiliate marketers that are selling bogus products. Not that all affiliate marketing is bad but but seriously, take a look at most of the products on Click Bank and tell me honestly that these are of high quality.

    Also the growing trend with CPA offers. Most of these people are using Adwords to trick you into filling out a form so they can get paid. These people don’t care about delivering quality content to internet users. There only goal is to make money and they will direct users to any site that accomplishes this. Most of theses people are unscrupulous and don’t give a damn if you find what you are looking for as long as they profit.

    This is not what Google is about!

    Google has built its business and reputation on the fact that it can deliver what the searcher is looking for better than anyone else in the search engine game. However, Adwords has gotten out of control with hordes of people peddling snake oil through their program.

    Good for you Google!

    Make it easier to legitimate businesses and affiliate programs to get a leg up in the competition and deliver the sort of quality content that Google is know for.


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