Web Content: Just a Task on Your To-Do List

yellow post-it notes with to-do listsWhen you take one giant step backwards to check out the Big Picture of web copy and content you can see how web copywriting becomes just one component among many necessary to launch an online business, website, blog, etc. I am a task on someone’s Build A Million Dollar Online Business – To-Do list. When you put it like that…

I’ve ranted about clients who don’t even want to pay a price equal to the cost  for a McDonald’s Happy Meal in exchange for “high-quality” content and those jonesing for “automatic content”– NOTHING’s automatic, bucko, it all starts somewhere with a someone who wrote it, designed it, drew it, photographed it, recorded it, or videotaped it. But I’m willing to remove my ego for a few brief moments to explore the bigger picture of putting a website together.. .because I’ve been doing it myself.

I’ll admit it… I’ve bought a few domains. In my mind’s eye (I love that metaphor) I see each and every one of them as these massive subject matter portals with webpages populated with text, video, images, feeds, etc– real nice blends of relevant content ready to be gobbled up by users…thousands of them.

To those ends I’ve broken out my tasks, one of which is the content, near and dear to my heart:

  • Buy domain
  • Buy hosting
  • Design– straight-up website (CSS, customizing the look)? or WordPress blog (template, customize)?
  • Keyword research
  • Sitemap
  • Monetization? If so, goals
  • Content (me to do)
  • Upload
  • Promote
  • Maintain

(my disclaimer: some folks would do a few of these tasks in a different order. Some would put keyword research first, even before a domain buy or monetization goals…I go by my interest and/or experience in a particular niche/market)

The CONTENT I will write myself. However… once I’m seeing things through the eyes of a website owner a few more pieces of the puzzle creep in. First I’m acutely aware of time–that competitors are nearby and they are stealthy….so I suddenly have this nagging rush to get the writing done. Could that stress ultimately become a contributing factor leading me to sacrifice quality for speed?

  • Domains are pretty inexpensive….
  • Hosting is affordable….
  • Design – from free to thousands of dollars…
  • Keyword research once cost a pretty penny, but the tools  and the know-how are all readily available…
  • Content– well if they’ve gotten everything else for almost nothing why pay much for content and why not expect it overnight, right?
  • Uploading… depends on how many pages we’re talking about… but costly in time.
  • Promotion, maintenance are  totally dependent upon the site owner.

Some tasks I’ve even omitted in this re-telling, but I’ve illustrated, if only to myself, how my clients might view the web content as this sort of frustrating task plopped right in the middle of these other time consuming website tasks. Ultimately, how inexperienced “business” people could quickly become drunk on the overall “cheapness” of building an online business.

What I really think will happen: the massive content creation will plateau–at some point. When that happens many people will not succeed in business online. Truly successful website models will sport high-quality content and will be self-sustaining over the long haul.



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2 Comments on “Web Content: Just a Task on Your To-Do List”

  1. Alan Says:

    I personally believe that webcontent is one of the most important things you can do.
    With google getting smarter and smarter with how they review text and determine if it is good or not. It becomes almost paramount you write good copy.
    Without good copy you can get pretty screwed and your visitors will jump away faster than they stay and that also makes you look bad in the eyes of google.
    The one down side is good copy writers are expensive and people on shoe string budgets have a tough tim affording that kind of money.
    I struggle with it all the time. I write most of my own copy and it isn’t very good but I’m trying to improve and reading books extra.

    Self Improvement Millionaires


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