Visualize Web Data serves up a virtual candy dish of unique data visualizations…’s Project Seer is billed as a “portrait of human curiosity” via Google Suggest:

A simple one-sided visual picture of a Google Suggest when I enter the word “ice” (note: thickness of arrow lines reflects volume of webpages associated with that keyword/phrase):

screenshot from project seer

and then a more complex two-sided comparison visualization using the terms “why won’t he” and “why won’t she”:

screenshot from project seer(interesting difference here btw “why won’t she… love me” vs. “why won’t he… say i love you”…. hmmmmm)

Human curiosity, yes, but also a type of artful trend and keyword visualization. If you’re into some curious ways to “look” at web data go to and check out the array of other visualization projects. Another of my faves…Flickr Flow…oh, and Word Tree….

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One Comment on “Visualize Web Data”

  1. ryanMoultrup Says:

    That is a very telling comparison of men and women. I love the fact that the mens side is all about sex (swallow) and the womens is all about relationships.


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